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Conveyancing – How soon can I move into my home?

My offer has been accepted but how long will it take before I can move into my new home? Once an offer has been accepted, the estate agents prepare the sales particulars,  which include details of the Property being purchased,  the agreed price and the Seller and Buyer’s solicitors. Once this is sent out to both parties, the solicitors can begin  the conveyancing process which will include carrying out identification checks and obtaining completed client care documentation from their client. Once  the Buyer’s solicitors have received the Contract papers, the transaction generally can take between  6 and 12 weeks to ‘complete,’
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How the Motor Insurers’ Bureau might help you

How the Motor Insurers’ Bureau might help you Whilst it is compulsory for all vehicles to have motor insurance not all drivers comply with this legal requirement. Where such drivers are involved in road traffic accidents with other vehicles and are at fault, this potentially leaves others injured and without recourse to an insurer for the liable driver. There are also unfortunately times where drivers who have been involved in accidents leave the scene without exchanging details with an injured person. In such circumstances the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (‘MIB’) may be able to assist. The MIB is a non-profit making
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Same Roof’ rule abolished

Same Roof’ rule abolished allowing victims to reapply Published by Ministry of Justice on 13 June 2019 Why? In July 2018 the Court of Appeal decided that the ‘same-roof’ rule had unfairly denied a claimant who was abused by her stepfather the right to compensation. The government chose to not appeal this judgment, and confirmed that the rule would be removed as part of the Victims Strategy published in September. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme awards taxpayer-funded payments to victims injured as a result of violent crime, paying out over £150 million to victims in 2017/18. What does this mean?
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