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Crime and Motoring Law

At JNP Legal our specialist criminal law solicitors and advocates can help you defend and present your case successfully.

Whether you require representation at an interview or need an advocate to argue your case at court we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

We have substantial experience in criminal prosecutions and investigations for offences ranging from minor theft through to cases involving serious frauds and drugs conspiracies.

We have represented individuals and businesses in relation to investigations and proceedings by regional Trading Standards Departments, the Health and Safety Executive, HMRC and other Local and National Government agencies.

We have specialist knowledge in the criminal/regulatory sector relating to the representation of individuals subject to professional misconduct investigations/prosecutions by their regulatory bodies. Representing people both at court and at any linked disciplinary hearings.


Motoring Law

Our expertise in the area of road traffic law is excellent and we have often helped individual and businesses deal with the obligations and requirements of the road traffic legislation. Successfully keeping and defending licences.

We can offer a wide range of funding options including, fixed fees, legal aid, insurance funding and payment plans.

We can offer representation at any time, day and night.

Why choose JNP Legal's Crime and Motoring Law Team?

With a team that includes qualified duty solicitors and accredited representatives for court and police stations, Higher Court Advocates (Criminal Division) and Members of the Law Society Criminal Law Accreditation scheme, we have the expertise you need, with a range of funding options available to you and a drive to do the best we can for you.