JNP Legal Covid-19 update 03/04/2020

Here at JNP Legal, we’ve been actively monitoring the situation with regard to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our top priority is to ensure the welfare of our employees whilst also ensuring that we will continue to maintain the exceptional level of service that our clients have come to expect from us.

JNP Legal have already taken steps to mitigate the impact of any changes in guidance from UK authorities. This includes a provision for employees to work from home where possible. Due to the nature of the services we deliver and the existing systems which we use to support that, there has inevitably been some disruption to the  services we provide.

Our staff are having to learn news ways of working, this has inevitable temporarily slowed down some of our services, however we have overcome most of these challenges by using technologies new to us and our clients!  This is  a challenging but also an inspiring learning curve for us all.  Thank you for bearing with us during these unprecedented times.

As of Monday 6th April we are centralising all of staff who are currently still office based. All remaining office based staff will be working from our the Merthyr Tydfil office.  The contact details can be found on our Website  – www.jnplegal.org.  Our Merthyr Tydfil office whilst staffed, still remains closed to visitors at present.

Please note that documents that needs to be sent to us should be directed to the Merthyr Tydfil office, however, we do have mail redirection services in place where needed at the Llanishen and Nelson branches.

We are doing all we can at present to minimise disruption to our clients and if there is anything you need to speak to us about please contact us on 01685 350421 or Email Law@jnplegal.org and we will be happy to help.

Stay Safe,  Look after your loved ones and of course yourselves.