JNP Legal Supports APIL’s Injury Awareness Week: Advocating for a Future Without Needless Injuries

JNP Legal is proud to support Injury Awareness Week, organised by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). APIL, a not-for-profit campaign group, has been dedicated to securing justice for injured people for over 30 years. Their vision is a future without needless injuries. While accidents happen, injuries caused by negligence can and should be avoided.


This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This act has significantly reduced workplace deaths. However, according to the HSE’s Labour Force Survey, 560,000 people still suffered injuries at work last year. These injuries resulted in significant personal, financial, and familial impacts.


At JNP Legal, our APIL-accredited Senior Litigator, Kate Morey, specialises in personal injury and clinical negligence claims. She represents claimants injured in road traffic accidents, workplace incidents, and public liability accidents.


Kate comments on her work and the importance of highlighting Injury Awareness Week by saying, “At JNP Legal we are committed to assisting those who have suffered injuries because of negligence. In addition to securing financial compensation this also involves seeking rehabilitation so that those injured can get back to their everyday lives including returning to work as soon as possible.”


Kate continues, “The positive outcomes for those injured who have had early access to rehabilitation cannot be overestimated. Those involved in needless workplace incidents can suffer severe life changing injuries and it is important that awareness is raised as APIL are seeking to do by their annual Injury Awareness Week.”


For more information on Injury Awareness Week please visit the website.