Head of the Family Team at JNP Legal, Lee Davies, considers the issue of domestic violence during lockdown.


Victims of domestic violence often find it difficult to report the abuse they have suffered and may be feeling increasingly anxious during this period of government lockdown.


It is important to understand and recognise that domestic violence comes in many different forms and can be physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and financial; it also includes any controlling and coercive behaviour.


There is a fear that during this period of lockdown that many victims of domestic violence are trapped within abusive relationships and may be feeling increasingly dependant on their abuser, and therefore less likely to report any incidents and seek the support they require.


It is important to know that the family justice system is still functioning and has found, and continues to find, innovative ways to ensure that victims to domestic violence can continue to have access to justice through the courts and obtain the protection they require. The family courts are continuing to make non molestation and occupation orders to protect victims from domestic violence and ensure that their housing needs are secured.


If you believe that you are a victim of domestic violence then contact our experienced, accredited and specialist family law team at JNP Legal. We are currently offering new client appointments remotely by telephone and video conferencing.


We are here to help, support and represent you in obtaining the protective injunctions you need during this difficult time. You can contact us on 01685 350421 or law@jnplegal.org